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By: milindjoshi1912 | May 01, 2017

Digital Marketing – today's most required marketing medium

What is digital marketing is a common question asked by small and medium business peoples more than this the question is why or how efficient or how much digital marketing costs for these businesses?

In today’s blog, I will try to answer what is digital marketing and how it can benefit to small and medium businesses.

What is it?

Digital Marketing : Many people think that traditional promotion will be supplanted by other mediums however from my perspective it is surely cannot be removed at all but minimized by implementing the funnel from audience aggregation through online branding and promotion to get conversions to sales channelized through digital marketing methods. Digital Marketing has multiple areas folded within it, some major are –
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing – producing and sharing relevant content to your audience via on page and off page optimization of your web sites, blogs etc.
  • Inbound Marketing – Improving ranking of websites, blogs or digital presence organically or naturally in search engines like google, bing etc.
  • Social Media Marketing – Media to connect directly with your customers, especially effective and important if you have ecommerce or retail business and even a home business. This media can also be effectively used as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.
  • Email Marketing – Comparative to all other modes, this is quite old but still most effective marketing technique within digital marketing methods. If applied rightly like leadsourcing follows, gives maximum ROI.
Internet marketing is a methodology to increase brand value and online promotion of products and services. This is certainly very much important because of two main reasons, 1st is high costs & efforts of traditional/physical branding and 2nd huge increase in no of netizen’s across the world especially fast developing countries like ours (India – fast reaching to 450 million figure).

 Perspective towards comparison

The limitation small businesses have is lack of capital and human resources and these are two exact parameters where digital marketing can pitch in and help these organizations. This new media offers cost effective and result oriented marketing techniques. A TV ad or a print media ad cannot measure how many people actually paid attention and taken a note of the ad, it is very complex and not so sure way to know if that ad was responsible for any sale at all. On the contrary digital marketing has an ability to track every penny you invested in marketing efforts and control your expenditure at any time as per your agile marketing strategy. Because of lack of awareness, most small business owners assume that, it would cost a lot and is not under their control. Many small time players or amateur professionals/agencies would guide you just to have web site and/or a Facebook page or tweeter account but that’s not enough. If you take digital help from a good ethical partner, life would be lot easy. Define a working strategy with your online marketer to have a right website content aligned with your products and services is utmost important. Have an on page and off page seo-sem strategy implemented ultimately get your content to connect with customers. Using either sponsored or free relevant content on your website, and other digital platforms allows you to connect with consumers much more effectively than other mediums. This is directly linked to reducing your expenses on traditional marketing efforts and increasing profits for your business.

Expectations about and how beneficial it is?

Rapidly increasing technology and 750 million potential internet user’s penetration in rural India can itself demonstrate the need to have online presence of your business and investment to be done in digital marketing. It is also known fact that the internet users on mobile devices are much more and highly increasing than desktop users due to the fact of good handy gadgets like smart phones and tablets. The largest group of consumers is using their mobile devices daily, so it is essential to use a marketing solution that targets these devices properly. When small business owners approaches towards digital marketing agency, they usually carry a mindset with list of huge requirements and expectations to get overnight returns. In the sense they want extremely quick results with less money. They also expect a dedicated team deployed to execute digital marketing for their business however as all other businesses digital marketing is also have a process to follow and if you get right digital marketing team and closely work with them to find right strategy for your product or service and allow them to act accordingly will definitely give you very good results with minimal costs. These strategies should be very flexible to tweak those regularly depending correct & regular feedback to give out the best results for the brand. In today’s digital generation, be it a small business or an established brand, digital marketing plays an prominent role in how the brand performs. Your comments are appreciated or contact us if need any more information.

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